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Flooring Services

High-Quality Flooring Services in Dubai 

We are here to help you out regarding flooring matters via our best flooring services. Our company is existing for several years to give top-class flooring services within the range of Dubai and its surrounding areas. No matter, what type of flooring you want, our team can make this task much easier. Our flooring work consists of various kinds of flooring. In which, the normal wood flooring, hardwood, LVC flooring, SPC flooring, race, and tiles flooring are involved. We provide all these flooring services with the guarantee of accuracy and durability.  

You will see how accurate and strong all these floors are that we will make on your demand. No worries about the rates because all these services are not going to put any burden on your pocket. The wood that we use is of excellent quality and most of the wood is imported because we know the worth of your wooden flooring. The labor force we have is so much trained in this field and knows various tactics to tackle any kind of situation. We use the latest tools and techniques during the whole flooring process. From step 1 to the last step, everything will be done in front of your eyes and you will be glad to see our work related to flooring.  

Hardwood flooring Near me  

If you are trying to search for a company near you that provides you the hardwood or wood flooring services. So, you reached the right place, because we will give you the required hardwood flooring. You will be glad to see our original hardwood with amazing sound and water resistance qualities. Many more qualities and traits are existing with our specific hardwood flooring we use the latest techniques to handle them. Similarly, the wood we use during the process is genuine and pure hard stuff with number 1 quality. So, you should stop searching the hardwood flooring near me, because we are near to you in the city of Dubai. You can find us through the online source also, our online websites will give you furthermore info about us and our flooring work.  

Multiple kinds of Flooring services that we serve in Dubai  

  • Laminate flooring 

We do the laminate flooring as well as the wooden flooring. This type of flooring contains the specific process of multi-layering that can be done with various layers including wood also. The wood layer will be under the core side with two other various sheets beneath. The top layer is the lamination that is specifically made for the protection of other wooden stylish layers. This process is usually known as laminate flooring that looks stylish and reliable. There are some other qualities of this flooring, for example, you can get these tiles at affordable prices. Similarly, you can easily clean laminate flooring without facing any hurdles.   

  • LVT flooring 

The term LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles, that resemble actual wood or stone. There is a special kind of design printed on the upper side of the tiles. We gulf interior Wood will give you such LVT flooring services also with another type of flooring. The main purpose of applying this flooring is to protect the ground from moisture and makes it more stronger and attractive. This type of flooring comprises many unique and beautiful designs and you can select the design from all of them. We will apply the LVT flooring in front of your eyes, so you can also watch the process. our workers will finish the whole process within the prescribed time. These tiles are also available in several amazing shapes, you can select according to your desire. 

  • Vinyl flooring 

We also serve you assistance regarding vinyl flooring. This is another amazing type of flooring that is designed for the comfort zone of family members and other people. Vinyl flooring also consists of various protective layers including a thick layer of the core that makes the floor safer for the walk. People mostly like to apply such type of flooring within their bedrooms but it can be comfortable for the whole house also. 

  • SPC flooring  

This term stands for stone plastic composite, which means such flooring that comprises a mixture of two basic elements, stone, and plastic. We gulf interior wood would like to serve our services related to SPC flooring also with other types. This flooring kind is the most advanced and entirely waterproof, it will give you accurate results. There are other amazing qualities of such SPC flooring, for example, it can absorb high-level sound also. Similarly, it is completely waterproof and entirely environmentally friendly. Likewise, it will be easily installed and you can find it more stable than others. You can easily afford the whole SPC flooring for your house or office also because it is not too much expensive.   

  • Tiles flooring 

Such type of flooring is the most common and tiles are easily available in markets from low level to high level. We will adjust the tiles of your house or any other place according to your demand. Tile flooring needs to be perfect from every side, therefore we hire experts that can handle these tiles perfectly. You can find out multiple shapes, colors, and designs of these tiles and the material used in making tiles is also durable. These tiles are usually composed of ceramic, metal, glass, stone, marble, and many other kinds of materials. 

  • Race flooring  

We also provide this unique and special type of flooring. The major purpose of such flooring is to make a garage or parking area comfortable for vehicles. The race flooring we will specifically design on the demand of the customer. Usually, they contact us when they need to make a new garage within the house or when they need to repair an old existing garage. The tiles we use during the process are made up of special material that can bear the vehicle jerks with heavy capacity. So, what are you waiting for, just make a call and hire our flooring work services.

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